What makes us unique?

Importance of defining your brand, imagining your future. And reinventing You!

Tools & Resources

A list of great books and tools to help you become more creative and innovative in your thinking.

Expanded Portfolio

Take a look at my background of shooting weddings, fashion, beauty, and portraits. All of which assists me with helping clients to brand them from an industry perspective.


Take a look at my background at shooting weddings. Intimacy is a needed and desired attribute. Social Media takes us to a place that the more intimate and authentic we are, the easier people will relate and connect. Again, one of my companies and another way to assist me in connecting clients with their industry.


Find out more about me, my favorite quotes, style and a broad look at my vast portfolio of work.

Branding IG Acct

Inspiration, brand design, learn more about me and more. In short… just Being Trina-Marie. @BeingTrinaMarie

Photography Only IG Acct

To view my photography work. @TrinaMariePhoto

Our #1 Goal

Create the best version of you or for your organization!
Take control of your future and stand out from the crowd!

As society’s demands change so should you and or your company. Successful people and companies realize that by reinventing themselves they are better able to compete more effectively. Let’s face it, in today’s society, people mainly trust referrals or base their decisions on impressions. So what does your personal brand say about you? Trina-Marie Phinizy believes that people are so much more than just their image; however she understands the power of appearance. Furthermore, she profoundly believes that if you take a pro-active approach you can design the life you want. She truly wants to see you live out your dreams and in your purpose. Therefore, your life design and brand should represent your future not your past or present. Simply, can't stress it enough, investing in you is one of the best decisions you can and will ever make for you and or your company.

  • Branding

    9 years coaching on personal brand and image. You or your company represents a brand. What does your brand say?

  • Makeup Artist & Consultant

    Makeup training, consultation, and application.

  • Image & Style Consultant

    The beginning to your personal style and image development or re-development, which includes a color analysis, a premium personal style guide and much more.

  • Photography

    5 years photographic experience specializing in headshots, portraits, lifestyle, commercial, fashion, and weddings.

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"Helping to Strategically Plan What's Best For You"
Trina-Marie Phinizy
President/Founder, Personal Strategist, Published & Award-Winning Photographer
Investor in People, Business Partner Strategist, HR Assets Believer, Published Award-Winning Photographer… and #1 Motto: “I just want to inspire!”
Jennifer McCray
Published Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper
The guru and subject matter expert as a women and men’s stylist. Owner of


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